Bamboo Remediation in Jessup, MD and All Surrounding Areas

Bamboo, one of the hardiest plants on the planet, requires very little human intervention to thrive. It easily invades the surrounding area and overtakes other plants. The unique root system of bamboo, called “rhizomes,” travels underground to find new areas to establish after you cut down bamboo at the surface. Removing rhizomes is the only permanent solution to eradicate bamboo and ensure it will not return. Because of this, bamboo can be almost impossible to get rid of without a trained, licensed, and experienced bamboo remediation specialist. If you live in Jessup, Maryland or within a 60-mile radius, we’re here to help with all your bamboo removal, remediation, and containment needs.

At Columbia Tree & Lawn Service, we understand how bamboo works and have the skills and knowledge to treat unwanted bamboo without harming or killing the beautiful trees, landscaping, flora, and fauna around it. Hand removal is extremely difficult. It requires sturdy, professional tools, a great deal of effort, and plenty of time. At Columbia Tree & Lawn Service, we have all the latest equipment and over 40 years of experience - which means we are the right team to remediate your bamboo. We care about the environment and your safety, and that’s why we never use any harmful herbicides to remove your bamboo. We guarantee permanent, thorough, and safe bamboo removal and your complete satisfaction.

Maintain Your Bamboo Grove

While some bamboo growth in your yard may be desirable because of its benefits of windbreak, privacy, shade, and erosion control, bamboo can easily become out of control. The bamboo remediation specialists at Columbia Tree & Lawn Service can help you get your grove under control. With our comprehensive containment services, your bamboo will be beautiful, healthy, and only present in the desired areas.

Containment involves professional installation of rhizome barriers, which direct rhizome growth and keep bamboo from spreading throughout your yard, across property lines, and into your other landscaping. We have decades of experience in handling and containing bamboo, so we fully understand its growth patterns, how each species spreads, and which type of barrier is necessary for every kind of bamboo. We’ll customize a containment approach to suit your specific grove and the appearance you prefer.

Trust the Pros at Columbia Tree & Lawn Service

You deserve award-winning service, guaranteed workmanship, an experienced team, and professional, friendly, service. At our local family-owned business, you’ll get all those things and more. Our owner is on-site for every job to ensure that our standards are consistently upheld, and we always provide free estimates without any obligation or pressure. We promise you’ll receive the service you deserve each and every time!

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