Tree Service in Washington, D.C.

Columbia Tree & Lawn Service has been a trusted name in the Washington, D.C. region since 1981. Our mission has always been to deliver the finest customer service, the most competitive pricing, and exceptional craftsmanship to every residential and commercial customer, and we still strive to do so after 40 wonderful years. From free estimates to 24-hour emergency services to remarkable landscaping and beyond, our fully licensed and insured bamboo removal company is available to attend to your every need. We prioritize preserving our environment, which is why we aim to keep the well-being of the planet in mind when we execute each task. We understand that you are busy and that disruptions to your schedule are inconvenient, so we always work as attentively and swiftly as possible. Contact our expert team today and let us show you why we are known as the best bamboo removal company in Washington, D.C.!

Local Tree Service

Tree Removal

We do everything in our power to protect trees because we are passionate environmentalists, but we also understand that sometimes removal is essential. If there is an unsafe tree in your yard, you have a dying tree, or roots or branches are damaging your property in some way, time is of the essence. Your first step should be finding a tree removal service that takes the time to do the job correctly. Our Washington, D.C. tree removal business is equipped to handle trees of any size or type for our valued residential or commercial clients. Our experts will be happy to visit with you, evaluate the problem, and offer you a free estimate. If it turns out that tree removal is necessary, we’ll handle it carefully, efficiently, and thoroughly.

Stump Removal

Handling tree stumps without professional equipment can be difficult and time-consuming. If you’ve ever attempted to remove a stubborn stump, you probably learned that you need the absolute best stump removal service in Washington, D.C.. If you want the most dependable, competent, and skilled stump removal service in town, get in touch with Columbia Tree & Lawn Service. We’ll inspect the stump(s) on-site, come up with a plan, and provide you a free estimate. We’ll handle it all from start to finish, including stump grinding, surface root grinding, mulching, filling and seeding, and stump removal. You’ll soon have one less frustrating concern because we’ll treat every task with the same meticulous skill for which we are renowned.

Tree Trimming

We take great pride in offering our customers the most cutting-edge tree trimming service at Columbia Tree & Lawn Service. Because taking comprehensive, correct care of your trees is our primary goal, our tree service near you goes above and beyond to individually maintain every commercial and residential client’s landscaping. Without routine pruning and upkeep, trees can decay or get damaged, putting your loved ones’ safety in jeopardy. For the best tree service, get in contact with the professionals in Washington, D.C. with over 40 years of proven experience. We provide all the most effective and cost-effective tree trimming services. We can help educate you about the trees on your property, and it would be a pleasure to make sure they’re well taken care of long-term.

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