Water Flow Solutions & Drainage Services in Howard County, Maryland & Surrounding Areas

If water is pooling or stopped in your driveway or yard, your property likely suffers from water flow and drainage issues. When you notice these unsightly and damaging signs, you’ll want to act quickly to find a yard drainage contractor with all the expertise and knowledge to help you solve the problem. Offering all the latest and greatest landscape and yard water flow solutions, Columbia Tree & Lawn Service is here to help. Our local family-owned company has been proudly serving the Howard County, MD area and all surrounding counties for over 40 years. Servicing commercial and residential properties with comprehensive yard drainage services, we are experts at solving drainage problems without obvious, unattractive, or expensive solutions.

Drainage problems can cause a great deal of property damage, including:

• Interior water damage
• Damage to walkways and driveways
• Damage to your foundation
• Erosion of mulch or soil
• Killing of grass and other desirable plants
• Waterlogged tree roots
• Attracts termites and other unwanted insects

Don’t let your hard-earned money go down the drain because of water flow problems. Instead, call your trusted yard drainage specialist at Columbia Tree & Lawn Service for a solution to even the toughest drainage issues. Your reliable drainage contractor may recommend a number of effective and smart yard flow water solutions, including:

Yard water flow solutions we offer include:

• Digging a trench, then lining it with rocks or gravel
• Installing a retaining wall
• Installing pavers, flagstone, turf blocks, or bricks
• Replacing concrete with permeable materials such as aggregate or gravel
• Using plants and trees to absorb excess water
• Installing swales to direct water flow
• Installing rain gardens
• Waterproofing foundation
• Installing gutter extensions
• Grading
• Installing drains
• And more!

Don’t let water issues continue to destroy your property! When you’re looking for a cost-effective and permanent solution to your water and drainage issues, look no further than your local lawn, landscape, and grading contractor at Columbia Tree & Lawn Service. Our owner is on-site for every job to ensure that our skilled team provides the award-winning service for which we are known. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed, so you can be confident that our crew will find an excellent drainage solution that restores the beauty and efficiency of your yard, landscape, or driveway.

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