Bamboo Removal in Towson, Maryland

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Bamboo Removal Service

If you’re thinking about bamboo remediation, you probably already know how challenging bamboo can be to manage and get rid of. Bamboo can turn into a big mess before you even have a chance to make a plan since it grows so quickly, engulfs other plants, and endures even extreme weather. Because bamboo is so unique, it needs to be removed using a certain method in order to prevent regrowth. We’ve addressed some of the frequently asked issues about bamboo and removal from our clients below!

What makes Columbia Tree & Lawn Service the best choice for bamboo removal in Towson?

Our knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced personnel ensures quality at every phase of the process. We’ll start with a consultation, work with you to establish a thorough plan, complete the work quickly, then follow up afterwards to make sure you’re satisfied with everything. Our local bamboo company has more than 40 years of experience in remediation, removal, and containment, making us well-suited to deliver the outcomes you deserve. When you use our company for local bamboo removal, you aren’t just shopping locally – you are also treating yourself to flawless workmanship, unmatched expertise, and polite, trustworthy service.

What does bamboo removal entail?

Bamboo root removal is crucial if you want to get rid of this stubborn and difficult plant once and for all. The quickest and simplest way to remove bamboo is to trim the stalks that are visible above the ground. Remediation takes place by digging below grade for complete bamboo rhizome root removal, which is a necessary but labor-intensive undertaking. These roots can grow up to 18″ beneath the earth’s surface and shoot out horizontally in every direction. Bamboo’s intricate root system is what makes it so tricky to get rid of.

Above-ground bamboo removal might leave you feeling accomplished because it may seem like the bamboo is finally gone – but if the root system remains intact, it will inevitably grow back. Full-service control, removal, and bamboo disposal are all offered by our bamboo removal company in Towson. We will safely and successfully remove all bamboo using our skills and expertise without harming or altering the lovely landscaping you enjoy.

What is bamboo containment?

Professional bamboo containment is an efficient way to prevent bamboo from spreading to nearby properties or into undesired regions. Our specialists will set up a rhizome barrier 24″ deep in the ground to restrict bamboo. This barrier will prevent the intricate rhizome root system from recolonizing regions that have been cleared.

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